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A Look at the Common Causes Behind Gum Recession 

Gum recession is the breakdown of the lower periodontal tissue that covers the root of a tooth. Unfortunately, this is a common oral health issue and not one that should be overlooked. If you have problems with gum tissue deterioration, it is important that you visit a general dentist in Salina, KS as quickly as possible. But what causes this problem? Here is a look at some of the reasons certain people can be more prone to gum recession than others.

Aggressive Brushing Habits

Aggressively brushing your teeth may seem like a good idea. After all, you are trying to slough away food buildup and bacteria. However, when you brush really aggressively, you can inadvertently damage your gum tissue over time. Always brush firmly and thoroughly, but be mindful of the soft tissue that supports the base of your teeth that could be damaged.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a very common problem that is typically related to poor oral hygiene. An overaccumulation of bacteria leads to swelling, inflammation, and deterioration of the gum tissue if the problem is not treated right away.


Genetics and simply the shape of your smile and mouth can also have a part to play in gum recession. Sometimes, the way the teeth erupt through the gums leaves only a thin and fragile layer of gum tissue surrounding the root. This fragile tissue breaks down far easier than usual.

Find Out About Pinhole Surgery for Gum Recession at a Salina Dentist

Pinhole surgery for gum recession is a non-invasive procedure that may help restore gum tissue so your teeth have adequate protection. A Salina, KS dentist can help. Reach out to us at Fine Art of Family Dentistry to find out more about this modern treatment option.

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The Pinhole Surgical Technique: Top Patient Concerns

For patients who have issues with gum recession, the number one option was once gum graft surgery. However, modern advancements in dental treatment have led the way to a new option: pinhole gingival surgery. If your dentist recommends pinhole surgery for your gum recession issues, you will likely have a few questions and concerns. Take a look at some of the common concerns and information to guide you through the procedure.

How long will the pinhole procedure take?

Normally, dentists will do one arch of your mouth at a time; either your upper gum line or your lower. The full pinhole procedure can be complete in about an hour for all gum tissue on either the upper or lower jaw. Most often, if you need treatment for both upper and lower gums, you will need two appointments to cover all areas.

Does pinhole gingival surgery hurt?

Just as it is with other procedures, the dentist will be using a localized anesthetic as they work to keep you comfortable. After the procedure, you may need over-the-counter medications but should not be in any substantial amount of pain.

How long will it take to see results?

One of the reasons patients and dentists prefer pinhole gingival treatment is how quickly the procedure yields results. Your gums will actually look less receded by the time you leave the office because the pinhole procedure helps to push tissue against the exposed roots immediately. You should see full results as your gums heal within a few days.

Find Gum Disease Treatment in Salina, KS

Gum disease of any level can be a threat to the health f your smile. If you have gum disease and issues with gum recession, reach out to us at Fine Art of Family Dentistry in Salina, KS to schedule an appointment.