3 Things to Know About Pinhole Orthodontics  

Pinhole orthodontics is a part of an ever-growing trend to minimize invasive procedures in healthcare. It’s a fairly simple concept that has big implications for the patient in the chair: the smaller the incisions, the faster you will heal. The treatment can stabilize gum recession without the patient having to deal with long recovery times, sutures, etc. If you’re looking for periodontal treatments in Salina, KS, we’ll tell you more about what you should know.

There’s No Cutting

The term ‘pinhole orthodontics’ is fitting when you consider just how small the incisions in the gums are. Gum recession can be caused by any number of factors, including aggressive brushing, medications, orthodontic treatments, and gum disease. With so many people going through some type of recession, it’s nice to give them another option besides gum grafting (a procedure that cuts into the tissue). Pinhole techniques minimize swelling, bleeding, and pain for the patient.

The Aesthetic Effects Are immediate

Pinhole orthodontics don’t require tissue grafts, which means that the color of your gums won’t have to change. The aesthetic effects are apparent immediately after the procedure, which can provide a confidence boost for the individual. While the health benefits are more important, the cosmetic perks are certainly appealing to many.

It Pays to Find the Right Dentist in Salina

If you’re looking for a dentist in Salina, KS who can recommend the best gum treatments for you, The Fine Art of Family Dentistry. Pinhole orthodontics is just one treatment of many that we offer to patients who want to improve their oral health. Our main concern is preserving your comfort without compromising the level of your care. Contact us to learn more about how to stop gum recession without having to go through a grafting procedure.


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