4 Benefits of One Day Visit Crowns  

Have you ever heard of one day visit crowns in Salina KS? Traditional crowns are installed over multiple days, while one-day crowns are installed over (you guessed it!) a single day! There are many benefits of one day visit crowns. See below:

1. Save Time

Who wants to make two visits to the dentist when they can get the procedure over in just one? When you get same day crowns with a trained, skilled dental professional, you’ll enjoy the convenience of saved time.

When you’re trying to calculate your time savings, don’t forget to add time for the commute and any time spent waiting for your turn in the lobby.

2. Save Money

The more you go to the dentist, the more you’ll have to spend. Even with health insurance, most people must pay something for a visit to the dentist. One less appointment with the dentist means less to pay overall, and who doesn’t want to save money?

3. No Need for a Temporary Crown

Traditional crowns take a while to make. As patients wait for the permanent crown to be made in a lab, they wear a temporary crown that isn’t as strong. Same day crowns allow patients to bypass this step entirely.

4. No Need for Putty

Traditional crowns are made from an impression created with putty, which is messy and can induce a gag reflex in some patients. Same day crowns are made from a digital impression that’s far more comfortable for the patient.

Not all dentists are able to offer one day visit crowns. If you’re convinced that these crowns are right for you, then it’s time to visit your dentist in Salina KS. Call The Fine Art of Family Dentistry today to get started.


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