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Are Your Headaches Related to Dental Issues?

If you suffer from chronic headaches that have not responded to treatment from your physician, it could be that they are related to a dental issue. The cranium is connected to the jawbone, which is prone to issues having to do with oral health. The jawbone is also susceptible to problems related to its function. Because of this, your dentist in Salina, KS might be able to help you get rid of your chronic headaches.

Bruxism and Chronic Headaches

Bruxism is the practice of teeth grinding. It usually occurs unconsciously and can happen during the night when a person is sleeping, or during the day. It is often associated with stress and anxiety, but can also result as a secondary problem of improper teeth alignment. The grinding motion fatigues the muscles in the jaw and places stress on the joint of the jaw is located just in front of the ear. Due to the skeletal connection, bruxism can cause chronic headaches.

Bacterial Infection and Chronic Headaches

Tooth abscesses and tooth and/or gum infections mean that there is a buildup of bad bacteria. This bacteria can damage nerve endings in the teeth and gums. When the nerve tissue is infected, it frequently ends up transferring the pain to the head, which feels like a headache. If you haven’t visited your Salina, KS dentist in a while and you do have chronic headaches, it’s possible that the reason is actually an infection in the oral cavity.

TMJ and Chronic Headaches

The TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is the joint in the jaw just in front of the ear. Problems with this joint can result in pain that radiates to the head, showing up as a chronic headache, similarly to the way bruxism causes headaches. Talk to your dentist about issues with TMJ in Salina, KS.

Don’t assume that your chronic headaches are a lost cause. The solution may just lie in your dentist’s chair. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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